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Who Is D. Lamonica?

D. Lamonica is a retired 24-year veteran with the US Navy. His forthcoming book series as a non-fiction and fiction author showcases his life and experiences in the navy as a sailor, husband, and friend in "The Chronicles of a US Navy Sailor" and "The Rise of the New King of Africa". The stories he tells through his main character Deric Tyrrell will make you love him and hate him at the same time as most are experiences he has lived. When he's not writing, he’s most likely taking orders from his young son and daughter on where they plan to go for the weekend or being harassed by his faithful cat Kit. D. Lamonica began writing early in his navy career off and on. It wasn’t until the traumatic experience of having false allegations of domestic violence alleged by his former spouse that he found an outlet in writing to ease the loss of being forced out of his home, having his kids taken away from him for over two months, and almost being arrested.  He overcame this through writing to escape the trauma he suffered from this experience and he hasn't stopped writing.

In his forthcoming series The Chronicles of a US Navy Sailor, D. Lamonica has poured all of himself into his main character Deric Tyrrell who you will love to hate yet sympathize with him at certain points in his life.  All characters are real people who D. Lamonica has experienced in his life in his non-fiction and fiction books.  The book series are interlinked as it mirrors his time in and out the Navy.

D. Lamonica hopes you enjoy reading these stories as much as he has enjoyed writing them.  Writing these books have kept him grounded and allowed him to focus and clearly think to be a better person, friend, and father to his kids now and into the future.

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