Beyond the Gates, Convenience Store

Senior Chief Petty Officer Deric Tyrrell didn’t want to take orders anymore when he was discharged from the navy. He decides to purchase a convenience store in a low-income area of Savannah, Georgia and bring his sister Cheryl in as a partner. But what starts out as a dream, quickly turns into a nightmare as a promising family business meant to bring sister and brother together turns them against one another and discover something about each other they never knew. Follow the struggles of owning a small business and the sacrifice Deric makes to keep a dream alive in an unforgiving neighborhood where drug junkies, drug dealers, prostitutes, and unforgiving customers are the norm. Owning this store may be enough to drive anyone insane.


What pissed me off was the weekly maintenance meeting held by the CO, Executive Officer (XO for short), Command Master Chief (CMC for short), and the Department Leading Chief Petty Officers. All the top Chief Petty Officers from the respective divisions onboard ship. Commander Davey was upset at one of the LCPO's answers, or should I say wrong answer when the Deck LCPO said he didn't know. When "Boats" said that answer, Commander Davey went into a tirade aimed at all LCPOs at the table. That tirade was directed at us but I took it to heart.
"I expect you to know everything going on in your divisions. Coming to this meeting unprepared is unsatisfactory. I ask the questions and you should have the answers. That is how this works." said Commander Davey.
Undermanned and overworked and it is still impossible to know everything unless your people tell you. A planned maintenance check hadn't been completed or put on the back burner.


Whatever the case, the Department LCPO had to know everything to report at this meeting. I for one, breathed a sigh of relief once it was over.
After the meeting, that is what led me to three generator room. To vent and scream my frustrations and to take the biggest chance I had ever taken in my life. I decided to move forward with the loans to start my own business. I had been holding back because I was scared. However, after that meeting, it lit the fire inside me to move ahead with the gamble of my life.


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