Surviving A Decade of Identity Theft

Identity Theft. You feel as if you've been violated. Stolen from. Taken advantage of. Follow Navy Senior Chief (Retired) Deric Tyrrell as he tells the story of how his cousin's husband stole his identity at a young age and was still using his identity almost twenty years later. Deric finally comes face to face with the criminal that stole his identity after almost two decades of stress. Deric will walk you through how he took control of the disputed claims on his credit report by himself without the help of a third party. He will also explain how he cleared the violations on his driver's license that comes at a cost. I hope this story helps and gives hope for those of us that are victims of identity theft. This doesn't happen overnight.  It takes work and some time on your part. You can do it. PURCHASE!

Publisher: Draft2Digital
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Violated. Robbed. Cheated. Betrayed. Victimized. Anger. Rage. Frustration. Stress. Helplessness. Embarrassment. Fearing for your life. These are some of the feelings I felt when I was a victim of identity theft. I’m sure there were more, but these are some of the ones I constantly felt as a victim each and every day of this experience. According to my driving record, I was viewed as if I had broken the law.   According to my credit report, I made purchases that I didn’t pay for on time that showed up as delinquent. I was guilty and had to prove myself innocent of everything that was done to me by one nefarious individual. I lived in a world where I thought identity theft couldn’t happen to me. It was the furthest thing from my mind. Back in 1990, who would have thought that someone could use your information for their own use? No one thought about that during that time. It existed, but it certainly wasn’t as prevalent as it is today. READ MORE




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