THE FORGOTTEN – The Punishment and Retribution in the South Carolina Department of Corrections

They are the forgotten. Lock them up and throw away the key. No one cares about them. Some have done crimes that you couldn't possibly imagine. But do inmates deserve to be treated less than a man or a woman? Is it cruel and unusual punishment to stunt the growth of a human being while they're held behind bars? I will show you where there is no hope, where the inmates are slaves, and the prisons produce savages here in the state of South Carolina. Modern day slaves that pay room and board to eat grits with bug parts. Contaminated food that causes cancer over time. Medical malpractice manslaughter that never is reported. Correctional officers that are gang affiliated and corrupt. With no hope, how do you become a model inmate? You don't. You survive. You become, savage. You decide whether it’s cruel and unusual punishment behind the bars of a United States prison. PURCHASE!


During my time working at the prison, what I saw was more than confinement or punishment. What I saw was daily torture and the castration of manhood from individuals who committed a crime. What I saw was cruel and unusual punishment for men who used to be U.S. citizens and now they’re cheap labor for big business. All of you know what big business thought about its people – they’re expendable. This was no different from these inmates who worked in these facilities, who are employed through Prison Industries. The inmates are stripped of the many basic rights you as an employed citizen on the outside have and given the privilege of becoming a paid slave. This was Prison Industries South Carolina. PURCHASE!


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