My Inspiration, Love, & Wisdom for You

On a trip to Dominican Republic, D. Lamonica meets an extraordinary woman named S.A. Medina whose gift and wisdom with words amazes him. After D. Lamonica leaves the Dominican Republic, he keeps in contact with his new friend S.A. Medina who post daily writings of spiritual inspiration, love, and wisdom on her social media account. D. Lamonica felt she should share her writings with the world for motivation and inspiration to make it through each day. S.A Medina's deep devotion to religion mixes with the heartfelt  words of encouragement, love, and thoughts to live by in this book dedicated to everyone. 


What I like most about our relationship is love, respect, loyalty, trust and many other things that we have for each other. I’m sure that having set eyes on you has been the best decision of my life. You’re a wonderful husband and I do not doubt for a moment that you will be the best father that I have seen in my life. I cannot let a single day go by without telling you how much I adore you. I want you to know that I need you more than my own life. If someday someone had to go to another life, I want to be the first because without you, I could not live. It is the healthy envy of all our friendships. Our relationship is pure, sincere, loyal and much more a few months ago, I put my heart in your hands so that you could take care of it and love it. Today I can say that nobody has cared for it and loved me better than you. One of the things I most appreciate in life is to have reached the strength that love has to change the lives of people. It is impressive and mysterious.


I think that love is kind and goes beyond our limits as human beings, but without hesitation. I’m sure that this feeling means happiness. In this way, I define love as that feeling that makes you go from having a rational mind, to letting it be dominated by another individual. I’m so in love, that I feel like a balloon that inflates and inflates, but with the difference that at the moment of exploding there is no air, but thousands of red hearts, all full of your love


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