Sea Stories, Tales From Off Limit Places, & Scuttlebutt Rumor

From 1990 to 2014 Senior Chief Petty Officer (Retired) Deric Tyrrell served in the US Navy. He recounts over fifty unique and true stories from his time in the navy from boot camp to retirement. Deric touches every subject from sex, infidelity, homosexuals, stealing, alcohol, overseas prostitution, illegal navy recruiting techniques, waste fraud and abuse of the American taxpayer, and a whole host of other topics that is the soap opera that is the US Navy. What happened to the sailor who disappeared onboard when the ship was underway? What happens when you recruit a person from Riker’s Island Prison? These and many other questions are answered through these one of a kind stories. So, set sail and begin as he tells you Sea Stories, Tales From Off Limit Places, and Scuttlebutt Rumor. PURCHASE


Suddenly, all three engineers grabbed and dragged Pok into the electric shop. Pok struggled but didn’t scream because this was nothing but horseplay. What could go wrong he thought? Sullivan and Oakley held Pok down while Holloway went and got his equipment.
“Pok, I’m going to teach you a little respect,” Holloway eerily said. “Pull down his pants and underwear.”
Pok began squirming vigorously but he was no match for Sullivan and Oakley who unbuttoned Pok’s pants and pulled them down along with his underwear down to his knees. With Pok’s pants and underwear down while being subdued by Sullivan and Oakley, Holloway slowly came over to Pok with an electrician’s megger and stood in front of him with the two probes in his hand.
Pok thought to himself, "What the hell is he going to do with those?"
“Now Pok. Talk as much shit as you want.” Holloway said slow and eerily as he eased the probes forward towards Pok’s ball sack area. READ MORE" target="_blank" rel="noopener">PURCHASE




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3 thoughts on “Sea Stories, Tales From Off Limit Places, & Scuttlebutt Rumor

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your stories what a story teller you are I will be purchasing this today… lol I get paid today lol jk. Wishing you so much success with your books.

    1. Hello Melva. Thank you for the comments. The Sea story book will be released late October. Sea Story Part II, your EOOW board is in there. Take care and blessings. Thanks.

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