How I Survived Through False Allegations of Domestic Violence

False accusations of domestic violence against a spouse or partner whether man or woman is a criminal and vengeful act that can have life-changing effects to a person’s physical and mental state as well as the possibility of being charged with a crime. US Navy Senior Chief (Retired) Deric Tyrrell discusses the aftermath of when his spouse called the police on him, his kids being taken away, and how he coped with being accused of domestic violence. He shows you how to cope, to keep from making the same mistakes he made, and how to be strong, fight and overcome the mental anguish associated with being falsely accused.



Just as domestic violence against women and men is a crime and it takes a toll on the victims physical, mental, and emotional state; false allegations of domestic violence can have the same mental and emotional effects on a spouse who has been falsely accused of domestic violence. This act is done primarily as a strategic move for legal reasons because it is a known fact that most of the attention is and will be paid to the abused woman. The criminal justice system has to favor the accuser to prevent other victims from feeling afraid. Even if the woman wasn’t abused at all, she will get the benefit of the doubt in any court if she has a good act. She will use whatever material she has at her disposal to make the partner or spouse look bad in front of the court. I know this because my former wife reported false allegations of domestic violence against me and I never laid a hand on her.

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