The Dangerous Mind of Deric Tyrrell

Life changing is the only way Deric Tyrrell could describe the horrific events that transpire as his wife, Chalise, falsely accuses him of domestic violence. His reputation is all he has after he retires from active duty and she tries to destroy him. Unable to see his kids due to a lie, Deric tries to keep himself balanced but finds that hate, rage, and thirst for vengeance has taken over his good judgment. Demons from the past have resurfaced in his mind that prevents him from making clear decisions. Deric is the only one who can stop himself before his actions take him to a point of no return.


I arrived at the motel I was staying at and searched for permanent housing for myself. I saw a few listings to call and check out. Anything is better than living in this shithole motel that I was in. This despicable act against me, my children, and my mother shall not be forgotten or go unpunished. I will wage a war like no other against Chalise until her ulcer explodes and consumes her whole fucking body! I want her to go to bed every fucking night thinking what have I done to deserve this. I want her to go to bed every night saying to herself, ‘That mother fucking Deric Tyrrell!’

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