The Rise PT II – The King of Africa – ASCENSION

In this second installment, Kibuka’s Hand begin to witness the inhuman feats Deric Tyrrell can accomplish and his transformation into a titan in combat and on the battle field. Deric and The Hand begin their campaign across the African continent to solidify his influence and dominance using brutal tactics against one country’s elite class that must be subjugated or eliminated. In the shadows, the US and South Africa coordinate plans to eliminate Deric and his team from Africa to gain access to the vast resources The African Union has taken control of. Overzealous mistakes along the way may cost Deric everything he has worked for and may lead to his own demise. Don't miss out on this next exciting chapter in The Rise of the New King Africa Part II - Ascension.


                “What makes you do what you do?” Bitten asked. “Kill and massacre people without any conscious whatsoever.”


                “What makes white people hate so much Special Agent?” Deric asked. “What makes them think they can come to this land and claim it as their own when they stole it just like they did the Native Americans. Before I came, Africa was a door mat for any and every super power that wanted to exploit its resources. I’ve stopped that. I’ve taken the peoples fear away and placed their fear on my back. I then confront their fears and kill it – ethnic cleansing, slavers, colonizers, warlords, white supremacist, poverty. Everything that an African citizen fears we place the burden on our shoulders, so they have to fear no more. We eliminate the problems, so the average citizen can live in peace and harmony. There’s no peace in my life Bitten. There’s nothing but war and conflict in my future. You made me this way. Because of that, your family had to die.”

                “They were innocent. They had nothing to do with your war,” Bitten said.

                “You yourself Bitten are a product of Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people. So now your services were in the hands of the SSA against my people,” Deric said slowly walking towards Bitten. “That made your family enemy combatants. I will not apologize for their deaths.”

                “No apologies required Tyrrell. When I kill you today, that’s all the apology I need,” Bitten said walking toward Deric.

                “You’re but a visitor on this continent, colonizer. When I’m finished, I’m going to ensure the white Afrikaners are drowning in the Cape of Good Hope. All of them.”


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