Wealth Lost, By Yours Truly, Divorce

In the ring of life, Marriage and Divorce are living entities in constant battle with one another. Marriage wants to preserve the sanctity of the bond between men and women under God. But Divorce, realizing the steady decline in Marriage's power over the masses, believes its time has come to become a god in the realm we know as reality. Meet and follow Divorce as it shows you why it should be a god. Divorce will shadow Anthony and show him what true wealth is lost when a man or woman speaks his name. Before you get engaged or married, let Divorce show you what may be in store for you in the future. Who will speak Divorce's name into existence? Will it be you? PURCHASE!


     Long live this new generation. They keep my powers growing and keep me and my supporters ever so busy. I am more than separation. Separation is for wimps. When drastic measures are required to end a marriage, that is when I'm at my strongest. When my name is spoken out of the mouth of a husband or wife, I love the way there is silence between them when they are face to face. That silence is so serene in nature. It is a quiet that calms me while I watch as the bond that was created by your God crumbles right before their eyes. It is one of the greatest sights to watch. A holy bond between two people coming down like the walls of Jericho. Only a god can do that.

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