Why I Failed At Marriage 3 Times

Senior Chief Petty Officer (Retired) Deric Tyrrell is on his way towards his third divorce. He decides to subconsciously go back and look at his upbringing and all his relationships to pinpoint all the areas where he went wrong. He self-evaluates himself in all that he has done to cause the women he marries to turn against him. In the end, he apologizes to all the women he has hurt throughout his life and comes to a self-discovery that is hard for him to grasp. But if Deric is to ever find true love, he must deal with it or forever be single the rest of his life.


It was Valentine’s Day 2000 and I had plans to do something with Evelyn that evening. I was going to the store to get some flowers and candy when I got a phone call. I didn’t recognize the number.
I answered, “Hello?”
“Deric. It’s me, Jasmine. I need help. I am in trouble at Bayside Motor Inn. I need your help to move my furniture out of the room here and into storage.”
“What happened?” I asked Jasmine.
“There was a mix up at the bank and some money went missing and I am being blamed for it. I’m scared.” Jasmine said sounding worried.
“I’ll be there as soon as I can,” I told Jasmine.
Oh boy. Now I must tell Evelyn the truth about what I am going to do tonight for Valentine’s Day. The special day that boyfriend and girlfriend spend showing their love for each other and I am about to tell Evelyn I am going to spend that time helping my ex-wife move out of her room.


I am pretty sure Evelyn will want me out the house when I tell her this. But I made a vow to myself to help Jasmine whenever she needed help because of my actions when we were married. I turned a diamond that found me into a piece of coal. I felt obligated to help her because of all I had put her through. I’m actually going to tell Evelyn the truth about this. I’m not going to lie I told myself. I couldn’t believe I said I was going to tell someone the truth. It’s been a long time. I got up the nerve and called Evelyn.
Evelyn answered the phone and said, “What’s up. What’s on for tonight?”
“What up Evelyn. I won’t be able to come over tonight. My ex-wife called and needs my help. It’s an emergency.” I said cautiously.
Evelyn said surprised, “Your who called?”



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