Commander ‘Deadshot’ Attah

Picture coming soon!
Supreme Commander of The Black Liberation Army after Tyson Collins. Brought into Kibuka's Hand by showing off his expert precision with a gun. Able to hit any target without missing from any angle. He has decent hand to hand combat skills however, no one usually gets that close to him as his opponents are usually gunned down immediately. He ensures the orders of Deric are carried out by The Black Liberation Army without question. He is extremely loyal to Deric and follows him into any unknown danger with his guns at the ready.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Origin: Congo
Strengths: Precision shooting, leadership, tactics, bomb making, urban warfare, terrorism. Master of all weapons. Adept at weapons handling, leadership, urban warfare, terrorism, and bomb making. Carries two .45 caliber silenced pistols.
Nicknames: Deadshot

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