Kondo ‘The Destroyer’

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Found and brought in by Deric, the young man known as Emem was renamed, Kondo, The Destroyer.
He is a mountain of a man. Athletic, strong, and built out of granite.  When Deric gets angry,
he sends in Kondo because he knows the target and the surrounding area will be obliterated.
Kondo is a one man army by himself but if needed, he is in charge of the Somalian Special Operations
unit, Black Force.  An expert at stealth, he is known to pick apart whole enemy organizations by
himself. He is the strongest member of the team. Has been known to kill with his bare hands and
rip living men apart. He keeps to himself waiting on the call from Deric with his next order to
deal death. Death, destruction, and blood are the only things he enjoys in life.

Height: 6'9"
Weight: 290 lbs.
Age: 21
Origin: Sudan
Strengths: Stealth, strong, fast, stamina, heavy weapons operators, master bomb maker and diffuser.
Wears bullet proof gear. Adept at urban warfare, terrorism, bomb making, and bomb diffusing.
Known to take on a dozen men at one time. Unmatched strength. Carries portable grenade launcher,
semtex, C4, detonators, and shotgun formerly belonging to Tyson Collins. Nicknames: The Desert Warrior, The Destroyer

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