The Reapers

The Reapers

Rahnna                                             Ayanna

The two women Afua and Bongani were renamed Rahnna and Ayanna, The Reapers by Deric Tyrrell.  They are both his personal bodyguard and lovers.  Skilled in Taekwondo and a martial arts style created by themselves, together they are the two deadliest members of Kibuka's Hand.  Operating as a team, they are unbeatable in combat.  Skilled mercenaries in stealth, sharpshooting, urban combat, terrorism, light weapons, and knives.  These women are sent to complete what Deric terms 'End of Line'.  They are sent to end the lines of enemies by killing off family members until they are all gone.  Emotionless and lethal, when these women are seen, death is sure to follow.

Height:  Ayanna 6'0"; Rahnna 6'1"
Weight: 185 lbs; 190 lbs
Age: Unknown
Race: Nigerian
Strengths: Stealth, hand to hand combat, knife throwing, sharpshooter. Unbeatable while fighting in tandem.  Master of Taekwondo and unknown form of martial arts. Adept at urban warfare, terrorism, fear. Both females armed with .45 caliber custom made gun with silencer and an assortment of knives.
Nicknames:  The Reapers,  The Line Enders,



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