Tyson ‘The General’ Collins

Tyson 'The General' Collins

Tyson Collins is the best friend to Deric and the father of The Black Liberation Army in Somalia. He is responsible for the BLA's effectiveness and precision in battle. A hardened US Marine Corps veteran, he is a Grand Master at Taekwondo and expert weapons handler. Extremely skilled at tactics, he was the reason why the BLA was successful in taking Somalia from the hands of the warlords and the former government. Deric nicknamed him The General because of his vision and tactical ability. His ideals of combat are in tune with that of the US which places him at odds with Deric. Nonetheless, in hand to hand combat, he has no equal on the team and wields a custom made shotgun used for close combat.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 220
Age: Unknown
Race: African American
Strengths:  Tactical genius, outstanding hand to hand combat skills, expert weapons handler.  Grand Master of Taekwondo. Adept at leadership, tactics, vision. Armed with one custom made sawed off shotgun.
Nicknames: The General, Father of the Black Liberation Army

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